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It's been a long time since I made my first web site about Ella. The first attempts were done in flash, and though they had all the kind of "special effects" I could put in, I was aware that the site in that shape was not was I wanted for Ella.
I actually wanted a more complete site, full of links to load images and covers, and also richer of infos about concerts and studio sessions.
So here is a new dress for Ella: I designed it taking inspiration from her B/W photos made by Herman Leonard in the 50s. I hope everyone will enjoy this new gown of Miss Fitz.
I deliberatly haven't build a BIO section: I hadn't the luck to know Ella when she was alive, or even to see her perform, so it would be silly for me to go on the internet and copy some biographical information. If you really need to know more, please have a look on the LINKS page.


A site like this is a very difficult thing to build. I must admit it would be impossible for me, without the support of some nice people I met, mostly on the internet, so I'm listing them here to let you know how great they are, and to give them credit to their friendship to me.

Mr. James "Mikey" Blackman:

it's impossible to define how great this man is...but you'll know seeing how many recordings he provided me with. Most of the chronology section would have been empty without him. Thank you again Jim.

Monsieur Michel Macaire:

another pillar. My debt to Michel is impossible to be paid. He has helped me in so many ways, I can't even remember. Without his knowledge of Ella's dates and recordings I would have been 'lost in a fog'. So, again, merci baucoup Michel!

Stefano "Twisted" Nuzzo:

what can I say more? Every songbirds-member knows him...Just thank you for all the stuff and CDs, and so on.

Guglielmo Campus:

it all started with your wonderful present, so I can't help but thanking you for all these years of friendship!

Nicola Murari:

he is the most mad collector of 78s I ever found. He photographed for me all the labels you could see on the CHRONOLOGY section... I want to thank him for his quick and friendly work... Well Nicola I'm waiting for your site about Ella's lyrics...

Daan Peters:

thank you for Ella in Amsterdam concert and for all the other thing you know. Though young, you're surely a great fan!

Alexander Koller:

thank you sweetheart for all the stuff you've sent me!

Evgeni Ivanov:

thank you for all the stuff on minidisc you've sent me, and for your friendship.

Gustavo Correia:

thank you for the CDs, the video, and for your friendship. I hope someday I'll meet you in Brasil!

I know someone is missing but you're too many! I hope everyone will enjoy this site and if some mistake is found please email me!!!

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